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740fulton.net is a web site for residents of the 740 Fulton Condominium building located in Chicago Illinois 60661.  We hope you visit this site often for the latest, information, community forum and more.

Some Illinois families struggle to access 529 college savings in wake of change

A change in the administrator running Illinois' Bright Start 529 college savings plan left some families unable to access their college savings quickly, but the state says there were no technical glitches.

Typically, participants can go online and have money routed automatically from their 529 college...

Cook County pop tax still on hold, but ruling coming next week

Cook County's sweetened beverage tax will remain on hold at least another week.

Cook County Circuit Judge Daniel Kubasiak said Friday that he would rule July 28 on the county's motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the penny-per-ounce charge, which was set to take effect July 1.

The Illinois...

Two years in, happy hour hasn't delivered on its revenue promises

Bringing happy hour back to Illinois was billed as a needed boost to the hospitality industry that would result in more revenue for the state and local municipalities.

But two years after the popular drink specials were legalized in Illinois after a 26-year absence, the law has been more effective...

Despite growth of streaming, Redbox CEO sees future in DVD rentals

Redbox DVD rental kiosks, a seeming throwback to a simpler technological time when videos were something you held in your hand and late fees loomed over your head, are mounting a comeback.

Last year, Redbox removed nearly 1,000 of its kiosks amid slumping sales and increasing digital competition,...

Why black homeownership rates lag even as the housing market recovers

A decade after the housing crash destroyed the American Dream for millions of homeowners, black homeownership rates have dropped to levels not seen since the 1960s, hobbling African-Americans' efforts to build their wealth.

Nationally, only 42.2 percent of blacks owned homes in 2016, compared with...

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