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740fulton.net is a web site for residents of the 740 Fulton Condominium building located in Chicago Illinois 60661.  We hope you visit this site often for the latest, information, community forum and more.

Layoffs could spell more trouble for Illinois
This may be remembered as the Summer of the Pink Slip in Illinois, which already lags behind its Midwestern neighbors when it comes to job growth.

Armani closes Michigan Avenue store
Chicago's Magnificent Mile just got a little less magnificent.

How to avoid huge losses in the next stock market plunge
It was a brutal week that finished with a relatively happy ending for people paralyzed with fear about the stock market, but a disaster for some who tried to escape danger at any cost.

Remember gas wars? Motormouth remembers gas pumped with a smile too
Q: What happened to the "gas wars" that were so prevalent years ago? It seems now that all gas stations have the same price per gallon.

What if your boss paid you to have life experiences for 3 months?
Just outside my cubicle lies the Pit of Atrociousness. It's a cavernous chasm into which I toss the inane press releases and insipid workplace-related books that cross my desk each day.

Best Pizza in Chicago

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