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740fulton.net is a web site for residents of the 740 Fulton Condominium building located in Chicago Illinois 60661.  We hope you visit this site often for the latest, information, community forum and more.

Griffin: Wife still using credit cards for luxury goods
Illinois billionaire Ken Griffin, who in July filed for divorce from his money-manager wife, said in a court filing Wednesday that Anne Dias Griffin continues to buy luxury goods and designer clothing with credit cards for which he is stuck with the bill.

Portland embraces 'green' image to boost exports
In a glass tower topped with solar panels, wind turbines and rooftop gardens, a team of architects and planners who helped turn a once-moribund industrial tract into a trendy neighborhood in this river port town is crafting ways to bring street life and energy efficiency to a "next-generation...

Sun-Times suburban strategy may leave no prints
Given that he has talked about hastening newspapers' transition from print to digital practically from the moment he got the keys to the Chicago Sun-Times and its sister publications almost three years ago, no one should be surprised Wrapports Chairman Michael Ferro would be willing to shed the...

Judge declines to rule on Walgreen's move to seal parts of former CFO suit
A Cook County Circuit Court judge on Tuesday declined to rule on Walgreen’s request to seal parts of a defamation lawsuit filed by its former chief financial officer that the drugstore operator said were “confidential and proprietary.”

Chicago to try giving NFL the business with draft
Now that the National Football League has committed to bringing its annual college draft back to Chicago this spring after half a century in New York, it's time for Roger Goodell and company to see how our city really plays.

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